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Before starting our flight journey, it is far better to know the airline policy well in advance to avoid last-minute rush and, at times, not to miss our much-awaited trip. Let us have a look at the American Airlines pet policy.
American Airlines generally allow their passenger to carry Fido with them in their cabin or ship them as a Cargo.

Airlines Policy, a brief:

How to make Pet Reservations:
This airline permit 5 Kennels in American Eagle Flights and 7 Kennels in American Eagle Flights. American Airlines will not permit pets flying when there is a poor weather condition, i.e., below 45 degrees Fahrenheit and more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you wish to travel along with your pet, you need to get in touch with American Airlines Customer Service Team.

Pets permissible in Checked Baggage:
This airline permits up to 2 pets for a passenger, and the pets permitted must not be less than eight weeks old where the combined weight of the carrier and the pet should be less than or equal to 45 Kgs. Cats, as well as dogs, are allowed to transport as cargo on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Pets permissible in the cabin:
American Airlines allows small pets (not less than eight weeks old) to travel in the cabin if the combined weight of the carrier and pet does not exceed 9 Kgs. During the entire flight journey, pets must completely remain in their carrier, with the doors completed closed, and we need to place it under the seat. Though American Airlines accept pets in the cabin, they restrict to and from some countries, i.e., Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Hawaii, Uruguay, Venezuela, or transatlantic flights.

Guidelines for a Carrier:
There should be non-collapsible carriers present for pets traveling in the cabin, and theses carriers must not exceed 19" x 13" x 9". It should be designed so that animals can stand up, turn around, and lie down in it. Soft-sided pet carriers must be water-repellent, made of padded nylon, and have ventilation on two or more sides.
For pets traveling in cargo, carriers must have the maximum dimensions, i.e., 40" x 27" x 30". There should be large enough for animals to sit, lie down, and turn around naturally. And that should be constructed of metal, wood or plastic which must be leakproof. Carriers must contain a water container with outside access for filling.

Some other restrictions:
American Airlines does not accept Snub-nosed dogs as checked baggage.
Following dog breeds are not permitted to travel:
American Staffordshire Terrier,
Boston Terrier,
Boxer (all kinds),
Brussels Griffon,
Bulldog (all types),
Cane Corso,
Dogue De Bordeaux,
English Toy Spaniel,
Japanese Chin,
Lhasa Apso, Mastiff (all breeds),
Pit Bull,
Presa Canario,
Pug (all kinds),
Shih Tzu,
Staffordshire Bull Terrier,
Tibetan Spaniel

Some of the Cats Breeds that are not allowed are
Exotic Shorthair.

Also, checked pets cannot travel on A321, A321S, A321H, A320, or A319 aircraft.

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